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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh
Sheffield Renewables was formed by a group of volunteers and we continue to benefit enormously from the enthusiasm, commitment, skills and experience of our volunteers. They continue to be the driving force behind the ongoing development of the organisation as we strive to realise our goal to fund, develop, own and operate renewable energy schemes in a way which brings benefits to both the city and its people.
Our volunteers usually get involved in the number of teams which Sheffield Renewables is organised around; the Management Group, Technical Team, Communications Team and Funding Team. Volunteers are integral to the work carried out by these teams, helping support the organisation develop and grow. In return we offer local people with different backgrounds, abilities and experience interesting, challenging and rewarding opportunities.
We asked two new volunteers to give us a brief insight into why they decided to get involved as a volunteer at Sheffield Renewables.
Julia Carrell
“I’m Julia and I’ve just started helping out with general administration in the office at Sheffield Renewables, as well as helping to organise the Share offer Launch event, scheduled for September.
I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. I came across Sheffield Renewables through my interest in renewable energies. As I learnt more about Sheffield Renewables, I knew I wanted to be involved in the community led organisation long term; with their fair and democratic business model I feel they have a sense of social responsibility, I’m really pleased I can help by volunteering.”
Tom Harrison
“Hi, my name is Tom and I’ve recently started volunteering for Sheffield Renewables to assist with the financial side of the organisation. My primary responsibilities are preparing SR for the community share offer and applying for loan funding.I grew up in Sheffield and have lived here for most of my life apart from doing my degree in York, and living in Canada and the US for 18 months.I am planning on studying for an MSc in Renewable Energy in September and Sheffield Renewables has given me a great opportunity to get experience in this field. More importantly SR gives us all an opportunity to help the environment and Sheffield adapt to changing demands in our society. It’s great that Sheffield’s industrial heritage of using the rivers to create power is being re-invigorated.'”
We are committed to improving Sheffield’s environmental sustainability and we’re part of a growing momentum driving Sheffield towards a low carbon future. There are many ways for us all to play our part in the movement. Getting involved with Sheffield Renewables as a volunteer is one of them.
If you are interested in volunteering for Sheffield Renewables you can register your interest by filling in our Volunteer Form via the link below.


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