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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

We had a very successful AGM on Saturday, February 24th.  Forty members attended out of a total membership of 262.

Our Chair, Richard Collins, reported on the performance of our four solar PV schemes and other work carried out during the year.  The fifth scheme, which was to be installed in summer 2017, had to be cancelled due to external problems.  See his full report here.

The Annual Accounts were accepted and the meeting agreed this year to repay £14,583 in capital and to pay 3% interest on A shares. The process of contacting members and paying their interest last year was extremely time consuming.  The meeting therefore agreed to a new procedure for this year.  Members will be contacted by their preferred method (email or post) during April.  Those who reply to this will receive their interest payment in May.  Those who do not reply at this first attempt will be contacted again in July, and a second round of interest payments will be made in August.

Community Benefit Fund 2018

The Community Benefit Fund (CBF) this year will amount to £3,134.  We received a very positive report (see here) from South Yorkshire Energy Centre (SYEC) about how they spent the £3,000 we gave them last year from the CBF.  As a result the meeting agreed this year to donate £2,800 to SYEC, and £334 to Trine, a charity that works in Africa.

Other points of interest discussed at the meeting were; 

  • We welcomed two new Volunteer Members, Jeana Malhi and Gordan Henshaw
  • Dave Berry reported on how future schemes are progressing.  We hope that our fifth scheme will now be a local GP surgery.  Also in the pipeline is more work with South Yorkshire Police.
  • Two directors, Julia Carrell and Steve Barnard, stood down this year.  They were thanked for all their work with Sheffield Renewables over the years.  We have seven remaining directors, but would welcome interest from any members who would consider joining the board.

For the Chair’s full AGM report see here : Chair’s Report 2018

For the Chair’s Full AGM PowerPoint see here: Chair’s PowerPoint 2018