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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

Sample share certificateThe grassroots support behind Sheffield Renewables has long been the driver of its aim to help Sheffield become a more environmentally sustainable city. The enthusiasm of local people to deliver locally produced and owned renewable energy is visible throughout the organisation, including volunteers, investors and supporters.

This energy and commitment has again been demonstrated thanks to 24 Pioneer Investors whose contributions have made nearly £16,000 available to Sheffield Renewables. These funds will help keep the organisation running as it pushes forward the development and ultimately the build of Jordan Dam Hydro – to be Sheffield Renewables’ first community owned and operated renewable energy scheme, benefitting both the city and its people.

The whole of Sheffield Renewables is currently working hard to secure funding to cover the costs for the build of Jordan Dam Hydro. However, to commit to the build the organisation needs funds to cover up-front project costs and to run Sheffield Renewables as the project is delivered.

Pioneer Investors are exposed to a degree of risk as they are funding activities that are to be carried out before a final decision to go ahead with the Jordan Dam Hydro project. This alone shows the commitment, energy and belief from the people behind the organisation, showing Sheffield is a forward thinking place where people are willing to adopt a pioneering attitude towards becoming environmentally sustainable.



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