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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

The excellent news is we’ve been selected for the ‘Top 10’ vote on energyshare. This means we could win £100,000 towards development costs for Jordan Dam Hydro. We are in the ‘large’ project category where only one winner will be selected. There are also ‘medium’ and ‘small’ categories.

To win the cash we need to get more votes than any of the other projects in our category. Everyone that is registered on energyshare can take part in the vote which begins on 15th November. If you’ve not already done so you can register for free on energyshare in a few minutes. The more of your friends, family and colleagues you can persuade to sign up too, ready for the 15th, the better our chances of winning the vote. In terms of supporters we need to double our existing 709 to be the most popular project in the competition.

The winners will be announced at the begining of December. If we are successful, this cash will contribute to Jordan Dam Hydro alongside the £65,000 we have raised in our first share offer. We would then have a third of the cash we need for the half a million pound project!

Registering support
1. Click on this link.
2. Left click on the red box on the right hand side which says ‘support this group’.
3. Fill in the required information, indicated by a red asterix.
4. An email will be sent to you asking you to confirm your registration, please follow this link and confirm.
Your support for our grant application will then be registered.

A few tips on managing feedback from the Energyshare website.

Choosing the information you want to receive
1. Log in on the energyshare website
2. Select ‘My Page’ from the options across the top
3. Select ‘Settings’ on the right hand side in the box titled ‘Your Information’
If you scroll down you get to the ‘Contact preferences’ section which allows you to choose whether or not:
– messages from other energyshare members can be sent to you ‘inbox’ within the energyshare site
– energyshare can send messages from other members to your email address
– you receive the energyshare newsletter and updates from the energyshare team
– energyshare can contact you about relevant products and services
– energyshare partners can contact you about relevant products and services

You can also choose whether or not you want to receive alerts to your email address when:
– Sheffield Renewables adds a link to a new blog post on our website or press article about us, along with updates to any other content you choose to follow (other energyshare groups, information guides, other blogs etc)
-someone makes a comment on the Sheffield Renewables group and any other energyshare groups you are supporting

If you choose to receive these updates you can choose whether you receive email alerts instantly, daily, weekly or monthly.


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