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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

Originally posted on 8 September 2010

The guidance covers three key aspects.

1. Ten questions to ask before investing, including;

  • Do you support the social purpose of the organisation?
  • Is it a good business proposition?
  • How can you get your money back when you need it?

2. The difference between Community Shares and Company Shares (such as those traded on the stock exchange).

Table comparing community and company shares. (From Investing in Community Shares, 2010)

3. Legal and financial mumbo jumbo explained in plan English. Very helpful for checking things like, a Member is “a shareholder in a society or company. Members are part-owners of the enterprise and have rights over all its assets, subject to an ‘asset lock’. Members also have voting rights”. Thankfully asset lock is also explained.

As you may know, Sheffield Renewables plans to raise a significant amount of the money required to build its renewable energy schemes through a ‘Community Share Offer’. The 6 page guide gives good advice on what you need to consider before deciding to part with your money. It is free to download here. We hope that you’ll find it informative and look forward to answering your questions in the run up to our first major share offer.


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