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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

Originally published on 19 August 2010

Average flows in the river Don. Qmean is the mean flow rate at a given location. (Diagram taken from Sheffield Renewables's Weir Survey and Energy Modelling report, May 2009)

People interested in the nuts and bolts that make renewable energy schemes work meet at our 6 weekly Technical Team Discussion Nights. Usually there is a good mix of new people and those actively involved in tasks for Sheffield Renewables. Conversation topics include:

  • updates on progress developing our renewable energy generation schemes
  • findings from wider research
  • proposals for further work
  • general questions and answers

Sometimes people give a short presentation on related work they have done, be this a project carried out specifically for Sheffield Renewables or for other reasons (such as University coursework). By the end of the meeting, tasks for completion are agreed with those that wish to do them.

Pre-feasibility work and the development of our own schemes is carried out by sub-groups of volunteers. We currently have a hydro team and a wind team. In time we may expand to biomass and solar technologies. The hydro team is busy keeping our Jordan Dam and Kelham Island projects running to schedule. The wind team is just starting up. Having learned a lot from our first hydro schemes, the wind team is carrying out the foundation work that ensures any future schemes will develop as smoothly as possible.

The group is also investigating wider renewable energy issues. So far work has been done identifying other community organisations in the UK that are developing renewable energy schemes as well as the renewable energy generating systems that already exist in Sheffield. The results are a great benefit. They often throw up potential sources of information for our own schemes and help to ensure that our work compliments, rather than competes with, everything else that is going on.


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