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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

We had a successful AGM on February 29th.  Thirty-three members attended.

Our Chair, Richard Collins, gave an overview of the last year.  We had no new projects due to a variety of reasons.

Operationally the year had been successful for our existing projects. Our four schemes are all working well and still generating more electricity than expected.

Our Treasurer, Abigail Hathway, gave an overview of the end of year Accounts.

Richard then took the meeting through the End of Year Capital and Interest Payment paper.  The meeting agreed that we can pay all our investors (both A & B shares) 3% interest.  The meeting also agreed that £3,846 is available for the Community Benefit Fund.  Members voted to give 20% of this to TRINE (£769.20) and the remainder (£3076.80) to South Yorkshire Energy Centre.

The Secretary, Jean Tinsley, reported that currently we are unable to contact about 17 members and asked for the help of those present.  This has resulted in one member being contacted so far.

The meeting agreed to an amendment to the Terms of A Shares, to bring them into line with the terms of B Shares.

Luke Wilson, one of our directors, took us through some possible new ways forward for Sheffield Renewables and the risks and challenges we face.

Keith Alford and Abigail Hathway were re-elected to the Board.  The rest of the Board remain: Richard Collins, Karthik Suresh, Luke Wilson, Paul Cocker and Christine Gilligan.

Richard announced that he would be standing down as Chair this year and the Board will re-elect a new Chair.

The full minutes are here: