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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

Sheffield Renewables’ 2013 AGM took place on Tuesday 22 January at 7pm. It was preceded by an interesting talk by Graham Woods, one of the volunteers on our hydro technical team, about the evolution of low head hydro power. 50 members attended despite the snow with 25 apologies received and 10 members requesting papers for the meeting.

Items discussed were:

  • The Chair’s report, highlighting activities and achievements over the past year
  • Update on current and new membership
  • The financial report for the past year, including draft Annual Accounts and Audit Exemption
  • Election of Board members
  • A motion to change Sheffield Renewables’ rules to allow for electronic/postal voting at general meetings

The key part of the meeting was a presentation on the Jordan Dam hydro scheme, focussing on recent developments. Members were informed that the tenders from the shortlisted contractors setting out the design and price for building the hydro scheme were received on Friday. Unfortunately the proposed costs set out in the tenders were currently higher than what is seen as viable for the scheme to proceed. The Hydro Technical Team had spent the last few days working through the tender proposals and meetings were being set up with the contractors to look at the proposals in more detail. The team would be working over the next 6-8 weeks on ways to reduce the costs of the scheme in order to ensure that it is viable, delivers good financial and environmental value and that all risks were minimised. Sheffield Renewables’ priority is still to try and proceed with the Jordan Dam Hydro scheme, however due to the risks attached, a number of volunteers had offered to investigate alternative options for projects. These would, however, need to be schemes where the groundwork and feasibility studies had already been done and were ready to be delivered. Members were thanked for their support so far and their patience over the next 6 weeks.

The AGM agreed with this course of action and for a Special General Meeting to be arranged for 6-8 weeks time where firmer plans on how to proceed would be presented to Members.

Regular updates will be sent out in the meantime and a date for the SGM will be circulated shortly. If any Members have concerns or questions about the agreed course of action, please get in touch with us at: or on 0114 250 8367.

Presentations and reports from the AGM can be accessed below:


Chair’s Report (presentation)

Chair’s Report

Jordan Dam presentation

Finance Report presentation

Draft accounts 30.9.12

Motion to change the rules to to allow for electronic and postal voting at general meetings


Many thanks to Ethical Property Company for kindly providing the room for the AGM. Thanks also to Heeley City Farm for the loan of some chairs.


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