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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh
Volunteer Guy K in front of our marquee.

On 4th June Sheffield Renewables attended the annual Peace in the Park festival. With a larger than usual space for our marquee (many thanks to Fireside Co-Housing), the day was an undoubted success with a total of 28 new supporters/volunteers/investors signing up on the day and others declaring an interest in coming along to future meetings.

Volunteer Dave promoting the opportunity to invest in our Jordan Dam hydro scheme.

Our models on display of Jordan Dam, the Archimedean screw and our pedal powered electrical generator proved particularly successful in attracting people.

Volunteer Sam overseeing children playing with our Archimedes screw whilst people in the background find out more about South Yorkshire Energy Centre.

Matt’s Powerstation Sheffield project, working alongside us, also proved very productive, helping us to gain a better idea of what and where renewable energy schemes exist in Sheffield.  [See Matt’s blog for more details.]

Volunteer Jean introducing Powerstation Sheffield's new renewable energy map.

The event really helped to showcase Sheffield Renewables in terms of the progress we have made and what we hope to achieve. It also allows us to interact with the community, helping to spread our message through local circles.

Many volunteers gave up their time to help attract interest by distributing fliers and bookmarks, explaining a little bit about the projects, and pedalling the bike!

Matt H powering a lamp with our bike generator.

A big thank you especially to those who were there for extended periods and helped set up and take down our marquee.

Guy K.


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