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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

Originally posted on 22 October 2010

Volunteers pair up to transport and shovel silt into the bastion.

5 tonnes of silt was shifted from the culvert and open channel immediately below the wheel pit. Three new volunteers joined the team for a Saturday’s intensive physical workout. The aim was to move as much silt as possible, forming a direct path from the wheel pit to the entrance of the culvert under Corporations Street.

A bastion was installed near the open channel after the first culvert to contain the silt. In true community style the majority of the labour was divided into;

  • loosening the hard packed silt
  • shovelling silt into the wheelbarrow
  • balancing the wheelbarrow along scaffolding planks through the remaining mud
  • shovelling the mud into the bastion

A smaller task force cleared a straight path for the water to follow from the exit of the first culvert to the entrance to the culvert that runs under Corporation Street. This involved hauling chunks of plant life and soil through the mud to the bastion. In time, silt will be deposited on the opposite bank of the channel. Plant and animal populations will increase both next to water and on the bastion. This will replace any temporarily lost habitat.

One of the generous coffee bearing locals.

Everyone was grateful for the lunch break when some generous local residents donated a free cup of coffee to each of the volunteers. They returned to work determined to finish filling the whole bastion that afternoon. Despite a temporary puncture to the wheel of the barrow, the gabion was full by 4pm, leaving plenty of time to relax with a pint.

The finishing touches.

More obstructions will need to be cleared from the goit and plans are being made for future works.


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