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Community Action for our Energy Future

Total energy produced by our projects so far: 

1,160,536 kWh

Originally Posted on 19 February 2009

The winner of our Cliffhanger ‘Tonne of Fun’ travel survey is Mike Ibbotson. Well done Mike! A £30 gear voucher is winging its way over to you. By fascinating coincidence, Mike is a descendent of the owner of Ibbotson’s wheel – an historic water wheel site on the Porter.

Many thanks also to everyone who took part in the survey. The slides from the festival should be available to download soon. They include a quick summary of the survey results.

I’m afraid that time has caught up with me, so I will not have time to upload the individual results before I head off to enjoy my own tonne of fun later this week. However I’m keen to pick up this work again when I am back at work later in August.


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