Sheffield Renewables is a community and a social enterprise that develops, funds, builds, owns and operates renewable energy schemes. This means that we are run by and for local people. Any surplus money we earn is re-invested to support local sustainability. Much of our work is carried out by volunteers, which helps to reduce our costs. Read more about the organisation…

We are currently looking for sites suitable for fully funded community owned solar projects, in return we can offer a reduction on electricity price, and help organisations fulfil their long term environmental and carbon reduction commitments. For further details please visit our Community Solar page.

Latest News

  • Solar So Good for Sheffield City Region

    Solar So Good for Sheffield City Region

    Sheffield Renewables is gaining momentum. The hard work of our dedicated alliance of academics, industry experts and skilled volunteers is beginning to pay off, with clean electricity now being generated in the local community. Our latest installation funded through community shares is a 50kW solar photovoltaic array, providing in-situ solar power to a primary school […]

  • Next Volunteer Social

    Next Volunteer Social

    Our next social for existing and potential volunteers will be held on Wednesday February 18th, 7pm upstairs at the Rutland Arms. If you are new to volunteering, feel free to email us if you wish to let us know you are coming.  If you need more information, please email volunteers@sheffieldrenewables.org.uk (Updated 13/2/14)

  • Help to shape the future of Sheffield Renewables

    Help to shape the future of Sheffield Renewables

    The last 18 months have been a very busy time for us, working on a new focus for Sheffield Renewables following our decision that Jordans Dam hydro was no longer viable. It has been a lot of hard work but we are now generating electricity at Paces Campus in High Green and are hoping to […]

  • Blackburn Meadows Update

    Blackburn Meadows Update

        The EON biomass plant at Blackburn Meadows, has produced its first power, turning waste wood into electricity.   It sychronised with the local distribution network for the first time last Tuesday, June 24th.   It was built at a cost of £120 million and should provide enough energy to power around 40,000 homes, reducing […]

  • Annual General Meeting

    Annual General Meeting

    We had a good AGM on Tuesday, March 26th, just a year since our Special General Meeting in 2013.  42 members were present.  Richard Collins, our chair, brought everyone up to date with what has been happening since the SGM, especially the installation of our first solar PV scheme at Paces.  His full report can […]

Our first two Solar PV schemes are now generating

  • Paces Campus community solar scheme is Sheffield Renewables’ first solar project. Commissioned in April 2014, the project has a generation capacity of 50 kW and involved installing 196 solar panels on the sports hall.
  • Swinton Fitzwilliam school hosts the second scheme, which was installed in October 2014. This scheme also has capacity of 50 kW.

The expected annual generation for each scheme is around 38,000 kWh, the equivalent to electricity used by 12 homes.  By December 2014, the two schemes had together generated over 30,000 kWh of electricity. You can view the amount of electricity produced on our Generation Data page.