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Project Timeline

The timeline gives an indication of how long it took to develop this project. Developing community owned projects brings its own challenges, especially when developed by a small volunteer led organisation. High Green Development Trust were extremely supportive throughout the process.

July 2013 – Initial contact with High Green Development Trust

July 2013 – Desktop feasibility study carried out to assess the suitability of the site

Oct 2013 – Planning application submitted

Oct 2013 – District Network Operator (DNO) application submitted

Nov 2013 – Lease agreement to \’rent\’ the roof was drawn up and agreed by both sides

Nov 2013 – DNO response with upgrade needs to the local electricity network outlined

Nov 2013 – Paces Campus Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) obtained

Nov 2013 – Application for Community Energy Status in order to freeze the FiT rate

Dec 2013 – Planning permission granted

Feb 2014 – Installation began, taking 3 weeks

May 2014 – DNO approved the installation and generation began!