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Jordan Dam Timeline

The timeline gives an indication of what\’s involved in developing a hydro project and how long the process of developing Jordan Dam took. As with many volunteer led projects, the project took longer to develop than it may have if a commercial organisation carried out the project.


Nov 2008 – First site visit by Sheffield Renewables volunteers

Jan 2009 – First contact with British Waterways

April 2009 – First contact with Yorkshire Water (YW)

July 2009 – Tender prepared for feasibility study

Dec 2009 – Site surveys carried out by Derwent Hydro

June 2010 – Feasibility report from Derwent Hydro

Oct 2010 – Environmental Report carried out by ECUS

Feb 2011 – Submission of Planning Application to Sheffield City Council (SCC)

May 2011 – Planning permission granted

Oct 2011 – Procurement Strategy Report prepared by South Yorkshire Housing Association Architects

Oct 2011 – OJEU Contract Notice

Oct 2011 – Pre-qualification submissions received from nine contractors

Oct 2011 – Site visit by volunteers-reveals existence of inspection chambers to outfall sewer

Nov 2011 – Drawings received from YW showing line of outfall sewer

Jan 2012 – Interviews with nine interested contractors

Feb 2012 – Six contractors short-listed

April 2012 – Topographical survey of site carried out by REMAP Surveys Ltd-includes invert levels of outfall sewer

May 2012- Abstraction licence granted by Environment Agency

May 2012 – Drawings received from YW and SCC archives showing construction details of outfall sewer

Aug 2012 – Draft Heads of Terms agreement with YW

Sept 2012 – Opening of Share Offer

Nov 2012 – Issue of Tender- date of return stated as 21 December 2012

Nov 2012 – Seven Tender Amendments issued up to 15 January 2013

Nov 2012 – Date of return amended to 18 January 2013

Dec 2012 – Close of Share Offer

Jan 2013 – Tenders received from two contractors

Feb 2013- Post tender discussions aiming to reduce price and risk to SR

March 2013 – Decision taken to mothball the scheme indefinitely