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Jordan Dam

Artist’s impression (left hand side) and location (right hand side)


Located at Jordan Dam, next to Blackburn Meadows Wastewater Treatment Works, the proposed scheme would have used an 80 kW Archimedes screw turbine to produce 310 MWh a year. Yorkshire Water agreed to purchase the electricity generated by the scheme, which would be used by the sewage works. Sheffield Renewables were successful in developing the scheme to an investment ready stage, but due to several factors, the scheme did not go ahead.

Details of the project

This project would have used an Archimedes screw to generate electricity at Jordan Dam near Meadowhall, on the Rotherham side of the Tinsley viaduct. Of all of Sheffield’s weirs this one could produce the most power. It is also the biggest community hydro power project yet in the UK to gain planning permission. The scheme included a fish pass to help fish travel up river. Take a virtual tour and see how it works.

Facts and figures
(Rough estimates including annual carbon dioxide savings and income)

Work on this scheme began in 2008, our Jordan Dam timeline outlines what was involved in developing the scheme and how long it took. Its development was led by a team of skilled volunteers with professional support. This scheme is currently on hold, further details about this and the barriers faced can be found by clicking here or by reading our Jordan Dam lessons learnt page.

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