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We are working hard to develop renewable energy projects across Sheffield. To date, this includes:

  • Installing a 50 kW solar PV array on Paces Campus, a community centre in High Green
  • Installing a 50 kW solar PV array on Swinton Fitzwilliam school
  • Mentoring the Dearne Valley Eco-Vision in setting up a community renewable energy organisation
  • Modelling 100 roofs across Sheffield and its surrounding areas for suitability for solar PV
  • Developing two hydro schemes through to investment readiness; Jordan Dam Hydro (archemedes screw) and Kelham Island Micro Hydro (water wheel)
  • Assisting South Yorkshire Housing Association in looking at installing solar PV on their supported housing schemes
  • Working on a Renewable Energy Feasibility Study for Sheffield City Council with Ove Arup
  • Advising other community groups on micro hydro projects
  • Undertaking technical reports related to renewable energy

Renewable energy doesn’t come for free. So a lot of our work is to find ways of funding these schemes, while ensuring that ownership and revenues are retained for the benefit of local people and Sheffield as a whole. We will do this through a combination of securing grants, donations and loans; and by offering local shares. With our remaining existing community shares, we are looking to progress another 30-50kW solar PV scheme in the next few months. We will then be running another Community Share Offer to fund further solar PV schemes. In the future, we will be looking into other technologies such as solar thermal, biomass and wind. Basic information about the four main power sources; water, sun, wind and plants, can be found here.