How did you first get involved with Sheffield Renewables?
I am interested in renewable energy. I came across Sheffield Renewables whilst surfing the web for anything to do with green energy, particularly hydro.
Why did you choose to invest in Sheffield Renewables?
I like the idea of being involved with a share offer like this because it is an unobtrusive form of renewable energy and it is local.
In what way do you expect to benefit from your investment?
Naturally I hope my money is secure, but the most important aspect for me is being involved in a scheme like this. I hope it will encourage others to invest in community renewable energy and begin other schemes.
Please tell us a bit more about yourself.
My many interests include oral history, photography and cooking. I also enjoy going to the theatre, walking and travelling the Peak District by bus. I am 62 and work full-time as a joiner for a company that I own with a colleague.