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Media Coverage

Check out the latest press coverage of our activities and achievements. The orange words link to articles that are available online. If you spot any coverage that isn’t on this page, please email and let us know.

November 2017

5th: The Big Issue North has reported on our mission to find more Sheffield Roofs for installing solar onto.

6th: Luke Wilson, a Sheffield Renewables Director, was involved in the debate examining how Sheffield can reduce air pollution reported in print by The Star. 

January 2016

20th: The Sheffield Telegraph reported on the successful installation of solar panels at Attercliffe Police Station. Read more.

March 2015

25th: The Star reported on the plans for our third solar array on a police station in Attercliffe. Read more.

November 2014

28th: The Star reported how Sheffield Renewables solar panels have reached 30,000 kWh of electricity generated. Read more.

18th: Our recent project to install solar panels on a school in the Dearne Valley was covered by the Doncaster Free Press and the Thorne and District Gazette. Dearne MP John Healey said “Our schools and children have really got behind what we are trying to do in creating a new, low-carbon future for our area.” Read more here: “Swinton eco-school powered by the sun”.

5th/6th: Sheffield hosted the Future Build conference featuring many speakers on aspects of sustainable living. We participated in the event with a stand where attendees could find out more about our work. The Sheffield Telegraph covered the event with an article: “Sheffield leads the way at green conference”.

October 2014

30th: Local MP Paul Blomfield used a column in the Star newspaper to highlight the importance of reducing carbon emissions to tackle climate change. He said: “Politicians must work to secure an international action plan at next year’s UN Climate Change summit, but we can also act locally. Last year, I worked with Green Alliance on promoting new community energy schemes, something on which Sheffield Renewables is doing great work.”

18th: Our second project, to install solar PV panels on a school, featured in the Thorne and District Gazette article: “Swinton school going green with solar power”.

October 2012

With the Share Offer in full swing we launched a series of talks aimed at giving people more information on Sheffield Renewables and the share offer, these where kindly advertised by the local press.

The star wrote about the group’s mission for a green city and The Postcode Gazette put the question is hydro-electric power Sheffield’s future?

With ethical investment week came an article on the blue and green tomorrow website, Charities told to lead the way in responsible investment. They describe Sheffield Renewables as an innovative social enterprise and suggesting that we would be an ideal investment for charities, helping them to meet their charitable goals.

September 2012

September was a busy month for Sheffield Renewables, with all things Share Offer related, there has been a lot of press interest, as you can see from the links below.

Sheffield Telegraph had coverage of the raft race at Kelham Island that Sheffield Renewables took part in, “A floury Dave Berry from the Sheffield Renewables raft was in accord: “(Expletive) cold.””. He also commented “We wanted to show what we can do with the River Don apart from make electricity with it” (while shivering profusely).

Dearne Valley eco vision wrote an article on Sheffield Renewables Launch of the Share Offer, bringing us one step closer to producing renewable energy from hydro-electric power on the River Don.

We got an article in the Yorkshire Post (seems like we are becoming a regular fixture here!) announcing that shares in Sheffield Renewables were now on sale.

The Guardian wrote an article on “Community energy online: linking people to projects”, including a few paragraphs on Sheffield Renewables and its links to Microgenius. They also included a lovely picture of the Jordan Dam model.

Now Then included Sheffield Renewables in an article on successful Co-ops in Sheffield, highlighting a few of the many benefits of the Co-op business model.

Sheffield is My Planet have been very supportive in helping to promote our Share Offer, we have a company profile on the communities and organisations section of their website.

Postcode Gazette wrote about our successful Share Offer Launch where we manage to encourage lots of people to invest!

Developing renewable energy projects across Sheffield was the topic of the article in which Sheffield blog wrote about Sheffield Renewables bid to reduce carbon emissions in Sheffield.

Power from the landscape document hydro power schemes and gave Sheffield Renewables amention, more details will be on their website soon.

August 2012

Announcement on BBC Radio Sheffield of the Community Share Offer Launch (available until 17th August 2012).

January 2012

Enterprise Solutions Northamptonshire included a paragraph on us in their article on a 24% Rise in Co-operative Energy Enterprises

19th: The celebrations continued as Sheffield Telegraph followed up on their previous week’s article and told everyone about planning permission being granted for Kelham Island Hydro

18th: Click Green, Windmill Post and Yorkshire and Humber Microgeneration Partnership joined in the celebrations, publishing articles about us getting planning permission for Kelham Island Hydro.

17th: Yorkshire Post, BBC News South Yorkshire and Postcode Gazette published articles whilst Radio Sheffield and Sheffield Live! (23:25 in) broadcast interviews about our success getting planning permission for Kelham Island Hydro.

12th: Sheffield Telegraph informed people that, on the following Monday, the council would decide whether to grant planning permission for Kelham Island Hydro

10th: Yorkshire Post published an article on the uncertainty as to whether the council would grant Kelham Isand Hydro planning permission on the following Monday.

December 2011

12th: Hexham Courant mentioned us in an article about the outcome of the EnergyShare competition.

2nd: Rony Robinson from Radio Sheffield interviewed us and Millhouses Mill Buildings about our desperate need for last minute EnergyShare votes. Later in the day we encouraged students to vote in our interview with Forge Radio.

1st: Freelance journalist Marishka issued an article about Millhouses Mill Buildings and ourselves ‘getting on with it’ in the EnergyShare competition whilst the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban struggles to make big improvements. Reference was made to us in a comment on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s article about Energy Share in the Guardian.

November 2011

Lush encouraged people to vote for us in their article on the Green Summat Gathering.

29th: Northumberland and the Boarders Magazine mentioned that we were the main competition against Hexham in the EnergyShare competition.

28th: Yorkshire Post published a plea for people to support Sheffield Renewables and Millhouses Mill Buildings in the EnergyShare funding competition. Paul Blomfield MP encouraged people to support us in EnergyShare via his November newsletter.

25th: Sheffieldish Daily directed people to our EnergyShare voting information.

23rd: Sheffield Star explained why residents should vote for us to win EnergyShare with another journalist lending their support at the end of a second article. Meanwhile The Businessmums Daily and The Harrod Horticultural Daily published articles about need for EnergyShare votes based on this one published by Queen of Easy Green. A big thanks to Lyndsey Young for writing the original article and getting it published. For the second link the article is near the bottom of the page so please do scroll down.

22nd: News Alloy encouraged people to view Lyndsey Young’s video of the Queen of Easy Green meeting us and asking for Energy Share votes.

17th: At Home magazine published an article written by Lyndsey Green encouraging people to vote for us on energyshare. Green Energy, Clean Energy embedded our video and encouraged readers to vote for us.

16th: Sheffield is My Planet wrote an article to drum up energyshare votes for us.

15th: Radio Sheffield let us announce the opening of voting on air. Sheffield South West Community Assembly lent their support to our friends at Millhouses Mill Buildings as well as us winning energyshare. A thread was started on Sheffield Forum, so more people know we both need their energyshare vote.

11th: Power from the Landscape have lent their support for us getting the most votes in energyshare funding competition.

4th: Heeley Online and Postcode Gazette published our request for support in the energyshare national funding competition while CO2Sense announced their support for our scheme.

October 2011

21st: Power from the Landscape publicised our progress, raising over £65,000 towards Jordan Dam Hydro.

19th: Click Green published an article on our Community Share plans for funding Jordan Dam Hydro.

18th: Yorkshire Post published an article on our funding success to date and plans for raising the remaining cash needed whilst Sheffield Live! interviewed us live at the start of the show.

17th: Radio Sheffield covered our success raising over £65,000 towards building Jordan Dam Hydro. It was mentioned in the news at the beginning, an hour in and there was interview at 1:54:19. Postcode Gazette published an article on the same topic.

9th: Together for Regeneration published a link to our November Newsletter.

September 2011

9th: Sheffield Telegraph mentioned us telling the deputy leader of the Green Party about our plans for Kelham Island and Jordan Dam Hydro.

Tinsley Tribune published an article on the ‘Tinsley Energy Buzz’ that will accompany the development of Jordan Dam Hydro.

August 2011

21st: Sheffield Telegraph published an article about our Labour MP supporting Jordan Dam Hydro.

13th: Sheffield Star published an article about our local MP supporting our plans for local, community owned hydro power schemes.

Co-operatives North West advertised our Development Manager vacancy. PCM Switch publicised our local MP’s support for Jordan Dam Hydro in their Business News section.

June 2011

30th: Radio Sheffield interviewed us live to help recruit supporters for our Energy Share funding application.

26th: Yorkshire Post mentioned our Jordan Dam Hydo scheme in an article about plans for hydro power in Penistone.

22nd: Postcode Gazette published an article on us getting past Stage 1 in the ERDF funding bid process, to raise moeny towards building our hydropower schemes.

21st: Co-operative News publicised our attendance at the Green Fair and Investor Talk in their Co-operative Fortnight Events section.

16th: New Heeley Voice published an article on opportunities for Heeley residents to get involved as supporters, volunteers and investors on page5.

13th: Yorkshire and Humber Climate Change Partnership, Yorkshire and Humber Environment Forum and Yorkshire Futures publicised our request for support with EnergyShare funding.

10th: Co-operatives Yorkshire and Humber updated people on our progress via their news page.

7th: Your Climate updated people on our progress.

6th: Sheffield Star printed an article about our share offer fundraising challenge for Jordan Dam.

May 2011

25th: CO2Sense and Community Shares joined in with articles about our successful Jordan Dam planning application.

24th: Yorkshire and Humber Microgeneration Partnership, Yorkshire Post, Sheffield is My Planet, and Business Link added to our celebrations, publicising our Jordan Dam planing success and upcoming share offer. Later that day Dean Pepall at Radio Sheffield spoke to us live during his show.

March 2011

30th: The Star mentioned that we attended Sheffield Low Carbon Showcase in theri article about the event

24th: Sheffield Telegraph published an article about the Sheffield Solar City initiative and our plans for Jordan Dam.

17th: Business Link published an article on our Jordan Dam planning application.

15th: at 6:30pm, Calendar News showed off our Jordan Dam model as well as our plans

14th: Energy Now included an update on our hydropower plans for Sheffield

5th: at 12:30, Sheffield Live! broadcast an interview about our plans for Jordan Dam.

4th: Radio Sheffield mentioned our Jordan Dam scheme throughout Dean Pepall’s show, culminating in an interview.

1st: Tinsley Tribune published an article on our plans for Jordan Dam.

January 2011

3rd: Sheffield Star published an article on our Kelham Island planning application

December 2010

15th: Social Enterprise and Cooperatives UK both spread the news about the Kelham Island planning application.

13th: The Big Issue in the North published an update on our Kelham Island planning application.

9th: Sheffield Telegraph published an article on our Kelham Island planning application. Meanwhile Radio Sheffield broadcast an interview with Cariad.

6th: eg magazine published a big article about our activities.

September 2010

27th: Alt Sheffield published an article about our share offer preparations.

August 2010

20th: BBC Sheffield wrote about us at the end of an article on renewable energy in Sheffield. Your Renewable News and Your Industry News spread the word.

June 2010

20th: Radio Sheffield broadcast in interview including our attendance at Holme Head waterwheel day.

12th: A member of Indymedia interviewed Cariad at Peace in the Park.

1st: Heeley Voice published an article about our model making workshops on their back page and repeated it on Heeley Online.

1st: Now Then published an article mentioning us on page 17.

April 2010

20th: Sheffield Star article on our hydro power plans for Jordan Dam

8th: Big Issue in the North mentioned our support of the Feed-in Tariff.

7th: Insider Weekly covered our support of the Feed-in Tariff.

February 2010

11th: Radio Sheffield’s Paulette Edwards interviewed Rob Pilling, Director, and Cariad.

2nd: Sheffield Blog covered our water power plans.

1st: Now Then mentioned us in the article on page 7.

January 2010

18th: Communities Live aired an interview with Mark Wells, Business and Funding Director.

21st: The Big Issue in the North printed a small article about us.

October 2009

Articles about our Community Shares success in Third Sector News, Social Enterprise and Plunket weekly news.