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Sheffield Renewables Trading History

Sheffield Renewables – Trading History to date

 2007 – 2008

  • Setting up the organisation
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Setting up work teams
  • Setting up website
  • Agreed logo
  • Agreed communications strategy


  • Became incorporated as Industrial & Provident Society.
  • We agreed our Volunteer, Support, Invest way of working.
  • Set up Board and held first Board Meetings.
  • Appointed part-time Project Officer.
  • Grant received from Sheffield City Council.
  • Office obtained and computer, etc installed.


  • Management Team set up.
  • Feasibility Study carried out on possible hydro projects.
  • Pioneer Share Offer raised £12,000.
  • Go ahead in principle given by Yorkshire Water for Jordan Dam site.
  • Work Days at Kelham Island to improve water flow.
  • Policies developed, approved and circulated.
  • A non-executive director joined the board.


  • Early Bird Share Offer raised £67,000 and brought in 55 new members.
  • Hydro Projects Manager appointed.
  • Work started on negotiating loans that would be needed to fund Jordan Dam build.
  • Grants totalling £35,000 secured from Co-operative Enterprise Hub and ERDF.
  • Planning Permission granted for Jordan Dam.
  • Initial work on lease, Abstraction Licence, procurement and landscaping Jordan Dam.
  • A model of the Jordan Dam scheme was built and was the centrepiece of a window display in the High St.
  • Kelham Island scheme progressed, but at a slower pace. A consultation day was held and flow test works carried out.
  • Free support from Carbon Leapfrog for professional advice.
  • We received second stage approval for a European Funding bid.
  • Selected for the final round of the Energyshare competition which engaged with 3,000 supporters, securing 2nd
  • Considerable media coverage achieved – 27 mentions in articles distributed locally, 14 in regional publications and 9 in national publications.
  • PowerStation Sheffield developed with a grant from Artists Project Earth.


  • Major work continued on Jordan Dam Hydro scheme – pre-tender interviews held with contractors who had replied to expression of interest. Six contractors chosen to tender for Jordan Dam.
  • Environmental Assessment completed.
  • Abstraction Licence obtained
  • Negotiations with Yorkshire Water on lease and Power Purchase Agreement
  • Jordan Dam Business Case completed.
  • Negotiations with Environment Agency on the Fish Pass
  • Planning permission for Kelham Island granted.
  • General Manager appointed.
  • Main share offer raised £180,000.
  • PowerStation Sheffield launched on website.


  • Decision taken at Special General Meeting to put Jordan Dam scheme on hold.
  • Decision taken at SGM to concentrate on Solar PV schemes.
  • Over 100 community organisations requested us to consider their roofs for solar PV schemes.
  • Paces Centre in High Green was identified as suitable site for first 50kW scheme.
  • Tendering exercise to appoint preferred installer.
  • £10,000 grant and £10,000 loan obtained from Key Fund to develop Paces scheme.
  • Developed a scheme with South Yorkshire Housing to install solar panels on 10 properties housing vulnerable tenants.
  • Work on developing suitable lease for Paces scheme.
  • Work on developing Power Purchase Agreement for Paces scheme.
  • Board development work carried out.


  • Installation of 50kW scheme at Paces. Will produce 37,000 kWh per year.
  • South Yorkshire Housing Association decided to proceed with our scheme, but using their own finance and installers. They paid us for our development work which allowed us funding to develop other schemes.
  • Six new Directors appointed at our AGM – all have been long term volunteers.
  • A study commissioned by Dearne Valley Eco Vision provided some fee income.
  • We were then successful in obtaining a grant to carry out Peer Mentoring work with Dearne Valley Eco Vision to help them set up a similar organisation to Sheffield Renewables.
  • Consultancy work for ARUP to update the council\’s Investment Potential of Renewable and Low Carbon Technologies in Sheffield report brought in fee income.
  • Negotiations with other possible sites.
  • Swinton Fitzwilliam Primary School chosen and negotiations begun on lease, etc.
  • Installation of second 50kW scheme at Swinton Fitzwilliam Primary School in Rotherham.
  • Negotiations for contracts with energy providers for Feed in Tariffs for both schemes.
  • First payments received for electricity generation at Paces.