We want you to contribute (or star!) in our new film!

Sheffield Renewables is commissioning a short film to highlight what the organisation and its supporter have achieved so far, and how it intends to continue to develop community owned, clean, renewable energy in the city.

Let’s show the many different aspects of the way our work has an impact; on climate change, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, helping keep money in the local economy, providing an accessible way for people to make a difference,  supporting the co-operative movement, reducing energy costs, raising awareness, supporting local community organisations, tackling social injustice, making Sheffield a more sustainable city… and more!

We want YOU the supporters, volunteers, investors and communities to be central to telling the story of Sheffield Renewables and its impact…  Would you consider contributing some words, photographs and potentially being interviewed for the film?

We want to know;

  • Who are you? Describe yourself: your name, age, occupation, and/or your interests, where in Sheffield you live, how you’re involved in or support Sheffield Renewables – we won’t use any information for the film without asking you first!
  • Why is renewable energy important?
  • How do you feel being involved with or supporting Sheffield Renewables?
  • What do you think is the organisation’s best selling point for you?
  • What is important in the idea of community energy and of solar power – for the planet, for Yorkshire, for Sheffield and for you and your family?
  • Or show us your support for Sheffield Renewables by taking a photograph to show how you contribute to making the city even greener! Why not get your friends and family in the picture too?

Or anything else you feel is important to you, Sheffield Renewables, the city and it’s communities…

If you have any ideas or material to contribute to the film, email them to Max Munday at


Please note, nothing you send us will be used without your consent first.

Thank you for your support!